Quick Products RV Bumper-Mounted 2-Bike Rack

Which is the best RV bumper mount bike rack?

One advantage, to using the RV bumper mount bike rack, is that you’re not restricted, getting to your tow vehicle. However, you are adding onto your overall tow length. The Swagman 2-Bike RV Bumper Rack is made of solid steel, attaches to your bumper, and easily transports two bikes.

Which is the best RV bike rack carrier?

Another popular option is bumper mounts, although they can only be equipped to RVs that have a square bumper design. Determining whether the bumper is compatible with a particular carrier can ensure that the installation goes smoothly. Generally available in only frame-mount options, ladder mounts allow bikes to be strapped into the carrier.

Where to put bike racks in a motorhome?

Type of Mount 1 Ladder mount. If you own a motorhome with a ladder in the back, storing your bikes on that is a cheap and easy way to get from point A to … 2 Hitch mount. Hitch mounts are the most popular choice. … 3 Bumper mount. Bumper mounts are most often positioned on the front bumper of your RV. … 4 Front mount. …

What kind of bumpers can you buy at RV store?

RV Store Direct has a full line of RV bumper parts and accessories including, bumper hitches, bumper mounted bike racks, bumper hitch store racks, RV Cargo haulers and much much more. The Mount-n-Lock SafetyStruts Ultralight RV Replacement Bumper is an Aluminum 4-Inch No-Weld RV Replacement Bumper Kit.


Another bike rack we can get enough of is the Quick Products Bike Rack. This is a 2-bike rack, designed for bumper mounting. It is manufactured by a leading manufacturer in the RV accessory industry and as such, is guaranteed to make traveling and exploration more convenient. We love this bike rack because it allows bicycles of all length to be carried, thanks to its adjustable mounting. This RV rack for bikes is made from pure steel; thus its construction is durable and rugged. For extra protection, longevity, and resistance to corrosion, the unit is coated with powder.

The Quick Products motorhome bike rack adds some fun to your trips, and it gives you complete customizable control over how well your bike will fit every time. It accommodates weights up to 30 lbs but doesn’t allow for the mounting of 29″ wheel and fat-tire bicycles. For the best RVing experience, users are advised to adhere to instructions and mount only the permitted models. Installation of this bike rack is to be done on a continuous weld steel bumper as this is more stable and durable. We love this unit and recommend it because it offers a perfect fit and is more convenient than many models in the market. 


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