Fizik Performance Bicycle Bar Tape

Is the Fizik performance bar tape comfortable to use?

Once in place, the Fizik tape provides a very comfortable setup. It has 3mm padding and this delivers a good injection of comfort on any bike it’s fitted to, and is noticeably better at cushioning your hands from smaller vibrations than some thinner tapes.

Which is the best handlebar tape for riding?

Fizik Vento is a thin 2mm lightweight bar tape that is aimed at riders who want uncompromised bar feel for ultimate control and was designed in collaboration with Fizik’s sponsored pro riders. The Vento MicroTex has a tacky feel and textured finish to offer a non-slip performance in all conditions.

When to put bar tape on your bike?

Spring has arrived (well, maybe…) which means it’s generally a good time to treat your bike to some fresh bar tape after the hard graft of winter grinding has taken its toll.

Which is the best brand of bar tape?

Simple push-in Fizik branded bar ends are supplied with the bar tape as well as finishing tape. Fizik offers their Vento Microtex tape in a range of plain and fluro colours as well some contemporary bi-colour designs. Material: EVA | Colours: 4 | Thickness: 3.5mm | Length: 200cm | Price: $19.99 / £17.99 / €20.40


Are you a fan of wearing gloves when cycling? Does the mere thought of it make your palms sweat? Good news: there are a whole lot of people who don’t fancy wearing restrictive gear whether cycling for comfort or competitively. And now with modern and high-tech options that provide comfort anyway, you never have to feel guilty going out without a pair of gloves. Made with a durable and sturdy microtex material, the Fizik Performance Bicycle Bar Tape is lightweight enough for an easy application. With an ultra-thin form for a more flexible and stable fit, the sizes run in 2mm, 2.7mm, and 3mm. It comes in more than 12 colors that would definitely suit any bicycle regardless of the brand and type. The variety of colors also makes it easy to pick out a design that best suits your personal taste. Durable enough for regular rides, it doesn’t matter how many miles you cover, this Fizik bar tape was designed to go the distance without wear.

With 0.8mm more padded filling, this handlebar tape keeps the user comfortable all ride long. It also comes with a distinctive file tread texture that enhances the grip while providing a smooth surface where the hands can move smoothly. The tackiness of this handlebar tape is on par with what is expected of high tech tapes. Even when the handlebars get wet due to sweat or rain, the texture remains viscous enough to stably keep the palms on.


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