Capri Tools MT-24 24-Inch Magnetic Holder Tool

How big does a magnetic tool holder need to be?

This magnetic tool storage solution comes in a set of four. Each powerful bar magnet provides 12 inches of storage space and can hold several tools weighing up to five pounds each. The tool magnets are also easy to install – each can either be mounted flush to the wall through 3/16-inch mounting holes or with the brackets included in the set.

How big is a goplus magnetic tool holder?

Goplus’ magnetic tool holders come in a set of six, each 18 inches in length. The six pack represents extremely good value, especially since each magnetic strip can support around 22 pounds. The pre-punched mounting holes in these bars make them easy to install, and two or more can be made to overlap for even more storage space.

What makes Capri tools premium in the USA?

The Depths for All Applications. Work Efficiently. Made in USA. The Ultimate Craftsmanship. Premium Products. Excellence Service. Add a Mystery Grab Bag to your purchase for only $9.99. Be the first to know about new releases and promotions. You don’t want to miss. With orders $25 or more!

What kind of magnets are in hsmag tool holders?

HSMAG’s Magnetic Tool Holder consist of iron pole plates, Ferrite magnets or NdFeB Magnets, plastic mounting support. These magnets are the Ideal solution for holding various tools and saving valuable time due to visibility and easy access.


At 24 inches in length, Capri Tools’ magnetic tool holder is the longest of our picks, perfect for larger tools. It boasts a magnet strong enough to almost pull tools out of your hand, and its sleek, modern design mean it’s at home anywhere you need it.

 Like the Vanitek tool holder the brackets which come with the magnet strip can be used to link multiple tool holders together, ensuring you have the perfect size for your needs. With the strong magnets embedded in the bar, you’ll be able to store multiple tools weighing up to five pounds each.


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