Gladiator Steel Belted Reinforced RV Tires

How big is a steel belted Gladiator tire?

These are steel belted for extra weight capacity, and even better than a standard 8 ply trailer tire. 2150/1870 SRW/DRW pounds per tire weight capacity. PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL TIRE SHOP OR DEALERSHIP TO MAKE SURE THESE FIT ON YOUR CAR, THERE ARE NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS ON THESE. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

What kind of tires do Gladiator trailers use?

Gladiator’s Trailer tires feature steel-belted construction for added strength and stability. An advanced tread compound is designed to improve fuel economy and resist weather cracking. We offer a 100% Free Replacement Warranty on our tires. Gladiator sponsored driver, Blake Wilkey says, "The X Comp A/T is a tire to be reckoned with!

Who is the company that makes Gladiator tires?

Gladiator Tires is a brand operated by American Pacific Industries Inc. API also offers tires under the X-COMP brand (a Gladiator sub-brand), as well as the Zenna and RDM Sport brands. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and has been manufacturing tires since 1982.

Do you get free tires with Gladiator tires?

Gladiator’s Light Truck tires provide the perfect blend of all-season performance, ride, comfort and quality along with unique tread pattern designs. You can rely on Gladiator tires to help you to get to your destination regardless of weather or road conditions. We offer a 100% Free Replacement Warranty on our tires.


The Gladiator Steel Belted Reinforced Trailer Truck Tire is designed for stability and strength. The advanced tread design lessons rolling resistance and increases fuel efficiency. The tire is approved for highway speeds and gives you a worry-free drive; it is also suitable for use in all seasons.


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