Leviton EVB40-PST EV Charger

What kind of charger does Leviton evb40 PST use?

The Evr-Green 400 EVB40-PST is used for surface mount receptacle installations – where the electrical box is mounted to the surface of the wall.

What kind of charging station does Leviton have?

Evr-Green Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station, 40 A, 208/240 VAC, 9.6kW Output, NEMA Type 3R Enclosure, 25 Cold Temperature Charging Cable, Hardwired, Includes Mounting Bracket. Whether you are the driver of an electric vehicle, a commercial business owner, a utility company, or a landlord, Leviton has the charging station for you.

Is the Leviton EVR-Green 300 electric car charger compatible?

The Evr-Green 300 electric vehicle charging station is compatible with all Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Standards and Recommended Practices, including SAE J1772, NEC 625, UL 2231 and UL 2594. Easy and safe electric vehicle charging. Compatible with all Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) standards and recommended practices.

Can A leviton Charger be used with a Nissan Leaf?

Leviton is the preferred choice of Toyota, Honda, Kia, and Ford plug in vehicles. Our charging stations are used in over 3,000 dealerships and 11 different vehicles. In addition the Evr-Green 300 is compatible with the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Tesla Model S and many other electric vehicles.


Say what you like about this electric car charger, it is certainly easy on the eyes. It boasts a very stylish design and shiny, black finish that lends it a highly modern and attractive appeal.

Is there more to it than a pretty face though? Luckily, yes. First off this is a hardwired style of charger with a 30-amp output. It also has very well-designed, built-in controls. They can be used to delay the start of charging, perhaps to overnight charging when electric price rates can be lower.

The very useful LED display simply and easily highlights the vehicle charge condition. It boasts wide compatibility across a range of vehicle manufacturers too. The power cord is only 18 feet, so a little shorter than you will see with many other models of EV charger.

The final bonus is a free credit to use at a Blink public charger. With around 4,000 locations in the country, if you live near one free electricity is not such a bad deal.


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