Detail Buddy Premium Detail Brush

What kind of brushes do you use for detailing a car?

If you are looking for quality car cleaning & detailing brushes such as tire brushes, truck wash brushes, car interior cleaning brushes, or an awesome convertible top brush for cloth tops, we have them all! Detail King has a brush for just about every component of the vehicle.

What kind of brush does detail King use?

Detail King has a brush for just about every component of the vehicle. We believe in component specific products because we feel this will target the areas that are needed to be cleaned most effectively.

Which is the best black car detailing kit?

The Chemical Guys Black Car Kit combines everything needed to maintain the perfect show-winning shine on any black car. Black cars are prized for th… The Best Detailing Kit gives enthusiasts control of their own vehicle’s destiny by providing everything they need for a gloriously detailed car.

What kind of detailing kit does chemical guys use?

The TORQX Complete Detailing Kit with Arsenal Range Polisher Bag is the kit that comes with the TORQX Polisher, the huge Arsenal Range Ba … g, and all accessories needed to take your detail on the go and remove scratches and swirls anywhere!


Some products simply love to live up their names, and these brushes are real examples of that! They are genuine little buddies designed to keep all the detailing in your car looking great.

That means, like some of the other brushes on this list, they are not going to be tough enough to tackle really caked-on dirt or brake debris by themselves. This is not a failing on the part of these brushes by the way – it’s just not what they are designed to do.

Instead, they are designed for cleaning the detailing. This could be the smaller alloy arches on your wheels, or it could be the spaces in and around the wheel lug nuts. Internally, they are soft enough to tackle the most careful cleaning jobs from dashboard displays even leather trim and seats.

These are not the product to go for if you need deep cleaning power. They are perfect however for performing that final, carefully detailed clean and polish that turns a tidy car into a gleaming, spotless, display level of clean.


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