Toro Electric Power Curve Snow Blower

What makes a Toro power curve snowblower so good?

The snow blower’s locking deflector provides a choice between high, low and in-between snow throwing while its quick turn chute lever helps you direct the snow in all directions. This model features an ergonomically-designed handle for a comfortable grip. Fast and Efficient.

How tall does a Toro snowdrift blower get?

Snowdrift Strength – All the power to break through heavy, wet snow and throw it up to 40 feet. Crush Snow to the Curb – Rip through tough snow with the durable design of Toro’s patent-pending all-steel Power Edge™ auger.

How to get financing for a Toro snow blower?

Snow Blowers Direct & Toro are pleased to provide special financing for your new Toro 1800 Power Curve® Electric (18\") 15-Amp Snow Blower purchase. Apply online in seconds or to learn more please visit our FAQ article. Online applications are completed thru the Citibank, N.A. website.

How big of a path can a Toro snowblower clear?

Fast and Efficient. Easily clear an 18 inch-wide path up to 10 inches deep with this blower, making it ideal for sidewalks, steps, decks and small driveways. Cut through compacted snow and ice with a 6 inch auger and blow snow up to 30 feet


The Toro 18-Inch 15 Amy Electric Power Curve Snow Blower can easily move up to 700 pounds of snow per minute. This efficient snow blower is suitable for use on most surfaces and can clear desks, patios, walkways, and small driveways with very little effort. It achieves its amazing clearance rate through a combination of its 12-inch intake height and its 18-inch clearance width. Its Power Curve technology helps prevent clogging and allows it to clean right down to the pavement. The 160-degree adjustable chute gives the user complete snow-blowing control. The Toro Snow Blower comes complete with a zip deflector, quick level, and lift handle. The lightweight design and full-bail ergonomic handle make it easy to use.


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