Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

Is the Arcan xl2t a low profile Jack?

As such, you can fully trust this floor jack to give you reliable service at any time. The Arcan XL2T floor jack has a lifting range of 2 ¾ to 24 inches, which is quite a wide range. This makes it a true low profile jack and can also support high vehicles that need a high lift floor jack.

Which is the best Arcan floor jack to buy?

If you want a floor jack that costs less than $100, without a compromise on the quality, then the Arcan XL20 in the best choice. This Arcan car jack is lightweight and is ideal for home use and will allow you to lift vehicles that are 2 tons and above. It is not as strong as the other Arcan jacks, but then again it, not a low quality floor jack.

What kind of floor jack does Arcan xl2750eu have?

The Arcan XL2750EU is an extra low profile floor jack that allows you to get access to tight spaces where other jacks just cannot get to. Designed with the Arcan Dual Pump, it allows for a rapid lift to a full load in just a few simple pumps.

How does a 3 ton Arcan Jack work?

Manufactured from a heavy duty all steel construction, the 3 Ton Arcan Jack will keep its shape and will never bow – even under extreme conditions. The universal joint release mechanism provides exact and precise control making this the ideal choice for the professional technician.


This combo set is lovely and compact and great for a smaller garage/shed or anywhere where storage is an issue. The price is also exceptionally low, and admittedly the jack is a very basic model. That said, both it and the stands are of sturdy enough construction, and when used in combination will provide a solid lifting platform for most cars smaller than a SUV.

The lifting height is pretty low, so this set is probably best deployed for tasks like changing tires – it may not lift high enough to make it easy to get underneath the car properly. Still, if you want a cheap and reliable jack to have on hand to tackle the occasional wheel change, this is a great set to invest in.


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