TEKTON Hybrid Air Compressor Hose

What kind of hose is tekton hybrid air hose?

The hybrid hose is an attempt to capture the best of both. Made of a “high performance polymer” Tekton’s Hybrid Hose aims to harness the lightweight and abrasion resistance of PVC, and the flexibility of traditional rubber hose, even in cold weather. Available in 50′ x 3/8″ (model 46615) and 25′ x 3/8″ (model 46614), both feature the following:

What kind of fittings do I need for my air compressor?

We also supply hose ends and hose fittings and clamps to support your hose needs. We at AutoZone are also proud to offer a selection of kits containing a collection of specialized fittings and accessories, such as manifold kits, outlet kits, hose repair kits and quick connect sets.

Where can I get an air compressor accessory kit?

Brass Air Tool Accessory Kit, 12 Pc. Brass Air Tool Accessory Kit, 12 Pc. All the air compressor and air tool accessories you need are at Harbor Freight. We carry air hoses, air hose reels, quick connectors, valves, filters, regulators, and more. You won’t find a better value anywhere else.

Is it easy to connect an air compressor hose?

Connecting an air compressor hose is easy – once you know how. Some can remain connected permanently though the majority of air line hose customers will buy an air hose to be used with a variety of tools and situations in mind. That being said, if you are using your air hose to fill tires, a permanent connection is best.


There is so much about this hybrid and highly flexible air hose that screams quality. Firstly, it is incredibly lightweight making it highly usable to all. But importantly, it has not scrimped on other parts of the air line hose either. Tekton have installed brass connectors so that customers can be certain their product will never rust as well as knowing that they have the best connection possible – especially in comparison to aluminum or steel connectors.


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