Baby Car Mirrors by Totview

Is there a shatterproof rear view mirror for babies?

Rear Seat Mirror, Car Baby Mirror, Baby Rear View Mirror Car Mirror Shatterproof Car Rear View Mirror Compatible With Most Car Rotating Double Belt, 360 ° Swivel For Baby Child Observation. Comfort Culture Baby Mirror. Crash Tested and Certified, Shatterproof, Standard Wide Crystal Clear Acrylic Lens.

How does a baby mirror work in a car?

But rear-facing seats means it’s difficult to see how your baby is doing while you’re driving, which is where baby mirrors come in handy. A baby car mirror is basically a mirror that attaches to the backseat headrest, reflecting the view back to your rearview mirror.

Which is the best car mirror for children?

The large shatterproof, convex mirror provides crystal clear images, greatly reducing the potential for stress when driving with young children in the vehicle. The Baby Car Mirror by Baby Caboodle is easy to fit and includes easy to tighten straps that remain in place while you are driving.

What kind of mirror do I need for my Baby?

Featuring a convex surface to offer a wide angle view, this mirror measures 11.5-inches wide and has a premium matte finish to provide a crystal clear view of your child. It uses double straps for a quick and easy installation, while the pivot mount keeps the mirror pointed exactly where you need it.


If you are looking for a mirror that is designed to cover rear-facing car seats, then Baby Car Mirrors by Totview might be just what you are looking for. The mirrors are crashed tested to European safety standards so that you can be completely confident that it will not harm your baby should a collision occur. The wide-angle, fully adjustable design of the mirror gives the clearest possible view of your baby without you needed to take your eyes off the road. The durable, nylon, dual strap system ensures the camera stays in place and does not slip, rattle, or otherwise move while the vehicle is in motion. The mirror is not suitable for use with fixed headrests.


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