P.I. Auto Store 12V DC Tire Inflator

Is there a 12V tire inflator for cars?

[PI AUTO] AIR COMPRESSOR Portable Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge and LED Light for Cars and Bikes. 12V DC Air Compressor Tire Inflator for car, bicycles, balls and more. Turns off automatically.

Where can I get a portable tire inflator?

Fortunately, AutoZone has got you covered. With our wide assortment of portable tire inflators to choose from, you can start filling up your tires right at home. So instead of taking a trip to the gas station air pump, visit your nearest AutoZone store, and check out our selection of the best portable tire inflators for cars and trucks.

What should the PSI of a tire inflator be?

Tires should always be kept within 6 PSI of manufacturer recommendations. Say goodbye to the gas station air pump, and quickly inflate your tires whenever and wherever needed. Shop AutoZone online or in-store for the lowest prices on portable tire inflators.

What kind of tire inflator does Craftsman use?

CRAFTSMAN Inflators include both V20* cordless and 12V adaptor plug-in models. Both feature accurate pressure gauges. The cordless model is ideal for everything from bike and auto tires to air mattresses.


This is the perfect emergency air compressor. First off, it comes with a sturdy storage box and the whole tool is surprisingly small. This means you can happily tuck it away into a corner of the boot until you really need it.

However, you can rest assured that when you do, it is going to perform the job. It’s incredibly simple to use for one thing. Un-box, plug the power cord into a regular 12V cigarette lighter socket. The built in LCD screen is nice and bright making it easy to operate in even low light situations.

Simply tap in the desired pressure, apply to the tire valve and press go. It even has auto cut off to avoid over inflation. One negative is a lack of an adapter to plug into a wall socket. This means the tool will always run off the cigarette lighter socket, which is not great for frequent use.


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