Auto Dynasty 6-Inch Stainless Steel Running Boards

What kind of burners do dynasty grills use?

Dynasty™ freestanding grills from Jade™ feature 25,000-BTU Solid Brass main burners with electronic ignition. 14,000-BTU or 16,000-BTU ceramic infrared rotisserie burners give you professional results. With vast #304 stainless steel grates and high-capacity smoker tray, the only limit is your creativity.

Where are the scales made at scale dynasty?

Scale Dynasty is a division of Tara Systems, a leading manufacturing company of American made scales for over 35 years. All of our American made electronics and scales shown on our website are proudly manufacture here in San Diego, California.

Are there any aftermarket running boards for cars?

Luckily, there are a number of aftermarket running boards available on the market today. These will not only give you a boost into your vehicle but can also improve the exterior look and protect the side of your vehicle from scratches or dents.

What are the different types of running boards?

There are two different types of running boards: side steps and cab length running boards. A side step attaches to the rear of your truck just behind the rear wheel well, giving you a step to easier reach into the bed.


We finish up our list of the best running boards with another returning manufacturer, Auto Dynasty. This set of running boards has one big stand out feature, and that is the incredible 6-inch width. They are a very chunky design, and if you are looking for max width out of your running boards, it’s doubtful you’ll find much wider.

All that extra surface area allows for two things. One, you see a lot of polished, chrome finished stainless steel – so these side steps are nice and shiny and very eye catching. It also allows Auto Dynasty to include plastic foot pads (of ABS plastic construction) that are both long and wide. That provides a good mixture of aesthetic appeal and practical use that is always good to see in truck steps.

The price is pretty much mid-range. All in all ita ‘s very interesting design that is a good mixture of looks and use.


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