Nuzari Waterproof Polyester Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Are there any motorcycle covers that are waterproof?

We’ve collected everything from simple dust and rain covers providing basic protection to more advanced, 100% waterproof and breathable as well as lockable models. They may come with excellent UV protection, rust inhibitors, thermo guards, waterproof and non-scratching liners, air venting, etc.

What kind of polyester is covermates Weathertite Max made of?

Covermates WeatherTite Prime covers are made of 300-denier woven polyester, making these covers nearly two times stronger than its non-woven counterparts. Covermates WeatherTite Max covers are designed with solution-dyed 300-denier polyester, meaning these covers are highly fade and tear-resistant.

Who are the best manufacturers of motorcycle covers?

Top motorcycle cover manufacturers are Nelson Rigg, Oxford and Dowco, all of which specialize in making top-notch all-weather waterproof motorcycle covers, dust covers and even half-covers for nearly any bike on the market.

Do you need a motorcycle cover for indoor use?

For indoor use you don’t necessarily need the waterproof coatings and UV resistance offered by an outdoor motorcycle cover. Instead you need mildew resistance, ventilation, and protection. Dowco brings us all of that and more with this indoor-specific motorcycle dust cover.


This is an all-season motorcycle cover with some innovative features that the manufacturer has managed to weave into the clever design. For starters, while it is waterproof it is still breathable so that high winds can pass through the cover, making it safe to use in gusty weather.

It is also incredibly durable as all the seams have been sewn with the utmost care. The strong elastic on the bottom makes it a highly suitable outdoor motorcycle cover that will fit almost all motorbikes given the range of sizes it comes with. The inner sides of the cover are protected with a special coating, making it scorch resistant.


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