Zinus Deluxe Memory Foam 8 Inch RV Mattress


The deluxe memory foam short queen mattress is another great offering from Zinus and was specifically designed for trailers, campers and other mobile homes. Hidden beneath the knitted jacquard cover are three layers of foam that rely on natural plant oil for freshness. The four-inch  high density base foam provides long lasting durability and stability while the two-inch comfort foam in the center offers pressure relief for your entire body, including your joints and muscles. The two-inch memory foam is the cherry on top because it simply molds to the natural shape of your body so you can drift off to sleep like a baby. Every Zinus mattress has active charcoal that reduces odors and absorbs moisture safely and efficiently. Moreover, its eight-inch thickness and short length makes it the ideal RV bunk mattress. Zinus mattresses are shipped in a box and require 48 hours to fully expand and retain their original plush shape.


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