Browning SPG Outdoors Pistol Grip Gear Shift Knob

What kind of grips do I need for my Browning 1911?

MGW carries a wide selection of Browning pistol grips to fit your 1911 versions, BDA, BDM, Buck Mark, & Hi-Power models pistols. These well-crafted grip sets are available in vibrant woods and polymers which boast Browning quality and are ideal when upgrading and replacing parts on your Browning pistols.

What kind of hunting gear does Browning have?

Whether it’s your first hunt or you are a veteran hunter, having the right hunting gear matters. Discover Browning’s full line of clothing, rifles, trail cameras, knives, shooting accessories and much more at Sportsman’s Guide. We offer a variety of Browning gear to make your hunting and shooting experience successful.

What are the parts of a Browning pistol?

Baby Browning Pistol aprts. Browning A-5 Shotgun PARTS,Browning 1910 Pistol parts. Browning Magazines and Clips, Browning Gun Stocks, Browning Synthetic Stocks, Browning Wood Stocks, Browning after Market Stocks, BROWNING GUN PARTS! BROWNING Stocks.

What kind of gearbox is the Browning torqtaper plus?

Browning ® TorqTaper Plus ® shaft mounted reducer gearboxes are designed with a systematic approach for maximum life in rugged industrial environments. The patented design that allows ease of installation and removal. No Need to Re-Tighten the Titan!


If you are looking for a comfortable alternative to your factory install shift knob, then the Mishimoto MMSK-CF Carbon Fiber Shift knob might be just what you are looking for. It comes complete with plastic inserts that allow for universal fitment, regardless of the make and model of the car. The knob is finished with the signature M engraved in the top face.


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