Woljay Retro Motorcycle Helmet

Are there any vintage motorcycle helmets that work?

This vintage helmet from Woljay certainly looks the part, but its performance puts it on par with most of the advanced motorcycle helmets out there.

Where can I buy a motorcycle open face helmet?

Embrace the freedom of a classic open face motorcycle helmet, and find great deals and superior selection when you shop with J&P Cycles. Even though these helmets are vintage style, they are anything but dated.

When was the fiber jet motorcycle helmet invented?

AGV is an Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer that was founded back in 1947 and invented the fiber jet helmet in 1954. This helmet is made from ACF (Advanced Composite Fiber) and has removable inner padding that you can wash.

What kind of helmet does craft R2 have?

The Craft R2 Aerospeed is Craft’s top-of-the-line motorcycle racing helmet. It has a chin vent with a vertical sliding door that opens and closes to allow air to flow on to the back of the face shield and on to the rider’s face.


If you love the look of the half helmet options but want the user-friendly additions which can protect your face and neck from environmental nasties, this is the best choice for you. This motorcycle helmet comes with motorcycle goggles and a sun lens built-in to the helmet itself.

The chin strap comes with a quick release, and the additional zip-on coverage provides a touch of extra protection, while keeping you warm and safe. This helmet gives a great vintage look but still isn’t the safest option (despite being DOT certified), so this is best used for shorter, safer journeys.


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