Air Seat Innovations Air Pressure Relief Motorcycle Seat Pad

Are there air pressure pads for motorcycle seats?

This Air Pressure Relief Pad for Pillion is the passenger version of the motorcycle seat cushion from Air Seat Innovations.

Is the air seat cushion just a product?

Air Seat motorcycle cushion is not just a product, it lives in your heart as your motorcycle do. Though we love our motorcycle or bike but riding on the bike above certain kilometers, the journey becomes measurable. You drive in cities or in villages or going for bike tours.

Why is hommiesafe air seat cushion for motorcycle long ride?

This is a modal window. Why Choose Hommiesafe air cell motorcycle seat pad for your long ride? This cushion features interconnected air cells that disperse the rider’s weight evenly, allowing the seat cushion to absorb and greatly reduce shock from things such as; road, terrain, and engine vibrations.

Why do you need air cushion on a motorcycle?

1. The Super Cruiser Air Cushion/suspension Seats are perfectly shaped for any motorcycle. 2. The Air Cushion Seats absorbs the vibration from the motorcycle so that you can experience smooth and comfortable riding. 3. The mesh around the Air cushions seats are designed to let the air out of the seat and reduces the heat generated by the rider.


This Air Pressure Relief Motorcycle Seat Cushion by Air Seat innovations is another inflatable cushion, this time made from durable neoprene rubber. The user inflates the air pockets until optimum firmness is achieved, and the air pockets provide pressure relief and shock absorption, for a more comfortable riding experience. The pad is large enough to fit cruisers and is one of the best Harley Davidson seats for touring.

There are numerous examples in the reviews of how this motorcycle seat pad has greatly extended users’ riding time, and succeeded where other seats or gel pads failed. There are a couple of reports of the pad losing the ability to hold air over time – although if this did happen within the first year, the manufacturer’s warranty should have you covered.


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