UEME 9-Inch Portable DVD Player

Where can I buy a portable DVD player?

Kogan.com has a huge collection of portable DVD players for cars from top global brands. Shop now.

How big is a Sylvania portable DVD player?

Sylvania Portable Blu-ray disc/dvd Media Player. (SDVD1079) Sylvania Portable Blu-ray disc/dvd Media Player. (SDVD1079) 9" CRAIG CTFT713 180° SWIVEL SCREEN PORTABLE DVD PLAYER SD CARD/USB PORT REMOTE!

How big is the screen on a portable DVD player?

Comes with a car headrest mount holder. USB port and SD card slot available. Swivel screen with the flip function. 10.1 inches TFT LCD screen with HD 1024 x 600 resolution. Comes with a headrest mount holder.

What kind of media can a Wonnie DVD player play?

The WONNIE supports multiple media formats, as well as being SD and USB compatible. It also operates via three power modes for your convenience with an option to even charge while you are traveling, thanks to the inclusion of a high-quality in-car charger.


This car DVD player is reminiscent of the Acer Ferrari One netbook with its characteristic bright red and black chassis, giving it a sportier look especially when closed. The UEME is fully capable of supporting up to 9 different types of video discs in addition to conventional image and music files.

It’s a portable media player that is as nifty inside your car as it is anywhere else. It’s the perfect companion for some out-of-town adventures, several days stay in the wilderness, or even wasting time while waiting for the pediatrician to see your kid, thanks to its 4-hour runtime. And since it can be easily connected to your TV, you’ve got exceptional versatility in your hands.

There’s no need to bring headphones as the built-in speaker produces loud booming sounds fully capable of filling the cabin of your car with intensely rich trebles and bass for a more evocative viewing experience.

The UEME car DVD player is built for rugged conditions with exceptional shock-resistant qualities that will put to shame other brands. The headrest mount can be further improved, however, with a more rigid structure to keep it in place.


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