SPE Tailgate Light Bar Strip

How big is the tailgate light bar strip?

Keep them at a distance with the all new SPE Truck Tailgate Light Bar Strip. Each strip has 60 bright reasons to notice your pickup truck braking or signaling. With 60 Red LEDs spread throughout a 49” flexible tailgate light bar, maybe now, they’ll get of their phones.

What makes SPE tailgate light strips waterproof?

SPE tailgate light strips are sealed in a IP65 waterproof silicone for protection from the elements. Whether it’s a winter blizzard or a wet thunderstorm, moisture is sealed out leaving each LEDs running longer and brighter even in the worst conditions. WHAT’S INCLUDED?

What kind of tailgate bar do you need?

The only tailgate bar your pickup needs. Superior lighting, tough waterproof housing, longer lasting, and "no sweat" setup! Full function bar syncs with your running light, brake light, reverse light, and turn signals. 96 Triple-Core Oversized LEDs, the brightest ones around…Guarantee your rig is seen even in thickest traffic.

Which is universal flex tailgate light bar by race sport?

Universal Flex LED Tailgate Light Bar by Race Sport®. The 5 illumination functions includes: Brake, Marker, Reverse and Turn Signal Lights. This LED Tailgate Light Bar from Race Sport adds style, quality, and safety to your vehicle. The… Universal LED Tailgate Light Bar by Rampage®.


SPE’s tail light strip fits the vast majority of trucks, featuring 72 bright LEDs, which deliver clear and bright signals that ensure other road users can see you no matter what. The LEDs perform at 50% brightness at all times, ratcheting up to 100% when you hit the brakes.

The strip also hooks up to your truck’s turning signals, lighting up bulbs on either side of the strip to boost your current signalling brightness. The device makes reversing easier too, providing a bright light out the back so you can more easily see where you’re going. The whole kit can be installed on your car in as little as 10 minutes, thanks to its easy to use four pin harness, and self-adhesive strip securing system. Customers say that the lights last for years, at a great price.


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