BraceUP Stabilizing Lower Back Brace

How does a lower back support brace work?

True to its name, the brace is designed with removable lumbar pads. It relieves the back of pain by offering enough compression to the lumbar region. At the center of the brace material, there is an internal molded plastic that ensures the brace does not roll or bunch. For more support, the brace is equipped with dual elastic tension straps.

Which is the best lumber back support brace?

Best Lumber Lower Back Support Brace Reviews For 2019 [Top 3 Picks] 1 Mueller 255 Lumbar Support with Removable Pad. 2 BraceUP Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Support Brace & Belt. 3 ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace.

Which is the best back brace in the UK?

Relieves Back, Shoulder, Neck and Sciatic Pain.… Posture Corrector – Posture Brace Universal Fit – Lightweight and Breathable Back Brace for… BaseBody® Back Support – Lumbar Back Brace – Lower Back Belt for Pain Relief and Injury… Posture Corrector for Men and Women, VILIMO Back Posture Brace with Adjustable Breathable…

Which is the best lumbar decompression back brace?

Providing a range of adjustable compression, this lumbosacral support is designed to treat a variety of lower back injuries and conditions. When you apply this brace, you will receive ultimate support across your entire lumbar spine from the L1 to L5 vertebrae, covering essentially any type of lower back pain.


If you are looking for lumbar support but still need a good range of movement when you work out or simply go about your day, then the BraceUp is a good option.

This is a solid-looking back brace for lower back pain that while lightweight, gives you a reassuring amount of compression to keep your back nicely supported without restricting what you can do. Made from a soft, breathable fabric, it has mesh panels to keep you cool, while several  stays are positioned to give your back some extra lumbar support. The curve design ensures the BraceUp stays in place, and it is all held together neatly with dual adjustment, anti-slip straps that you can use to dial up the compression. This is a high-performing back brace that is easy to use and is ideal for work, gym and everyday use when you and your back need a helping hand.


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