LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

What are the features of the leekooluu backup camera?

LeeKooLuu 2020 HD 720P Car Backup Camera 6 Auto LED Lights Color HD Rear View/Front View Camera IP69 Waterproof Super Night Vision Guide Lines ON/Off 2020 Upgraded HD color backup camera, 6 High brightness LED , Guide lines On/Off, HD Color Rear (mirrored)/Front View (facing) Camera ,easily making your night vision as bright as daylight. …

How big is the screen on the leekooluu?

LeeKooLuu Digital Wireless Backup Camera System has a standard 5” LCD screen with a resolution of just 480×272 pixels. As a comparison, the Toguard backup camera has the same screen size, but with a larger resolution of 720 x 480 pixels. The recording quality is also not impressive for the LeeKooLuu model.

Can a leekooluu camera be used in a RV?

You can find this LeeKooLuu 2020 DVR camera highly flexible. It is compatible with a wide range of vehicles including cars, RVs, pickups, trailers, 5th wheels, campers, vans, and motorhomes. You can wire cameras for constant monitoring or backup.

What’s the difference between leekooluu 2020 and 2020 DVR?

If you compare LeeKooLuu 2020 DVR to LeeKooLuu 5″ HD 1080P backup camera, you can find the monitor size of the former 2 inches higher. However, the main difference between these two models is that the menu key of the LeeKooLuu 5″ HD 1080P backup camera is on the back of the display.


Feel a lot safer behind the wheel with a 4.3-inch screen on your dashboard providing high-quality images of your car’s rear. This car backup camera kit may not really have the best-looking images that you’re looking for, but with exceptional weatherproofing, ease of installation, and night vision capabilities you’d really be thankful that it has one of the friendliest price tags in the market. As such, you don’t need to spend several hundreds of dollars since you’ve got a basic system that works.


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