STIHL 36-Inch Black Protective Chain Saw Pants

What do you need to know about Stihl Chainsaw clothing?

With STIHL chainsaw clothing, cut protection inlays have been specially created for every protective garment so even the lightest outfits offer chainsaw protection. Combining this technology with robust, breathable fabrics, STIHL offers you a variety of protective clothing, which ensure great freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear.

How big is a pack of Stihl chains?

Stihl 3689 005 0067 Pack of 3 Chainsaw Chains Product Description & Features: Pack of 3 Genuine OEM Stihl Chains 16″ Chain 67 Drive Link… 8TEN Chainsaw Chain for Stihl MS 180 170 010 012 McCulloch PM400 12 inch Bar .050 Gauge 3/8 Pitch 44 Drive Links 4 Pack Product…

Where can I get a new Stihl Chainsaw?

Need a new chain bar, cutting chain, or clutch? Repair Clinic can ship the right part for your chainsaw fast. Type the full model number of your Stihl chainsaw into our website’s search bar to find a full list of matching parts.

What kind of chain tensioner does a Stihl Chainsaw use?

Chain Tensioner Adjuster Fits Stihl Chainsaw Models MS290 MS390 MS310 390 029 039 1127 007 1003 Product Description & Features: Brand: Replaces Stihl Estimated Price:… Icezest Carburetor Fuel Filter Tool for Stihl MS261 MS271 MS291 Chainsaw Carb C1Q-S252 Product Description & Features: Fits Stihl MS261 MS271 MS291 Chainsaw Replaces Zama…


Let’s get real for a second; reviewing chainsaw chaps is quite like buying life insurance and commenting on its reliability after having taken it out. Although STIHL don’t necessarily want their 36-Inch Black Protective Chain Saw Chaps reviewed, the users who’ve unfortunately have close-shaves confirm that they’re fit for purpose. Six layers of sewn-in Engtex cut-retardant material make these high-quality chaps as rugged and durable as can be.

Made from 400-denier fabric, the jet-black color of these protective chaps means you won’t get ridiculed by friends and neighbors when out working out the front of the house. They’re lightweight and easy to wear while working, meaning that there’s no reason to work outside without them! Simply adjust all the straps by clasping with them at the front, rotate, and you’re ready to go.


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