Tourbon Canvas Rear Bike Rack

What kind of bike bag does tourbon make?

This Tourbon Classic Design Bicycle Bags & Panniers Large Capacity Sports Cycling Bike Rear Seat Double Bag is made of high quality waxed waterproof canvas.

What makes a good bike rack for touring?

The rack itself is relatively lightweight and even has a small rear plate that is perfect for attaching a light or reflectors for increased on-road safety. The pre-installed hardware makes it quick and easy to install on your bike, leaving you with more time for the fun stuff – like getting out there and adventuring!

Are there canvas bike bags from banjo brothers?

We spotted an alarming trend of canvas bike bags so expensive, the bags were likely worth more than the bike it was being attached to. Screw that noise. The Banjo Brothers did what they do by producing a very nice assortment of canvas and leather bags, all affordably priced.

How are panniers mounted on a bike rack?

Panniers are designed specifically to be mounted onto bike racks. They often open at the top with a zipper or velcro for ease of access to the inside of the bag. They will commonly have straps on the back side that slide onto the rack. It makes them easy to secure to the rear rack but also very quick to take off.


TOURBON have produced a bag geared towards vintage-lovers everywhere and it is simply stunning. Manufactured from canvas, cyclists who scoot around on retro vintage bikes are delighted to have a hip pannier finally compatible with their hippy exterior. And after cycles, you can be à la mode when sauntering down the street thanks to the shoulder bag strap.

Coming in a set of two, the snaps allow you to roll up one side and attach it securely to your bike rack. Plus, the D-rings grant you that additional security for locking the bag to the rack. For those looking for a pannier that can be carried around the office without embarrassment, TOURBON’s model will fulfil all those needs and more.


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