Pyle PLATV550BT Off-Road ATV Speaker System


Another great brand is on our list of recommendations as to the perfect pair of ATV speakers. Meet the Pyle PLATV550BT, a speaker system made for your next off-road adventure. We can guarantee that this ATV Bluetooth speaker is one of the most durable and trustworthy speaker models you will ever come into contact with. We love how these speakers were constructed, and we love that their manufacturers made use of a marine grade waterproof housing system which enhances the lifespan of the unit.

These off-road speakers from Pyle feature built-in amplifiers which crank up the music every time there’s a party. It also comes with mounting hardware, to enable the user to fix these speakers wherever they please. For storage, your purchase will provide you with an accessory device holder bag where all the necessities can be taken care of.


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