TOPlight Black Rubber Material Tesla Model 3 Floor Mats

What kind of floor mats do I need for my Tesla 3?

This is the same floor mat kit as our top kit for the Model 3, but comes with mats for the trunk, frunk, and the storage area. Our pick for Model Y owners. This is the ToughPro set we recommend for Model 3, aslo available for Model Y. As mentioned, these are perhaps the best value for Tesla floor mats available on Amazon.

What kind of carpet does Tesla Model Y have?

Please confirm that you are logged into your Tesla account that is associated with your vehicle, or contact support for assistance. Model Y Carpet Interior Mats offer comfortable floor protection with a thick, durable pile and come treated for stain and soil resistance. Designed by Tesla’s Design Studio.

What can I put in my Tesla Model 3?

Choose from all weather floor mats, front and rear trunk liners, sunshades, organizers, center console covers and trays, pedals, screen protector and other interior accessories designed to keep the interior comfortable and clean. Looking to personalize your Tesla Model 3? We’ve got you covered with our premium interior and exterior accessories.

Is it bad to smell Tesla floor mats?

The smell may seem like a weird category for ratings these mats, but with a large number of options available, a funky factory odor can leave you with a bad-smelling car or headaches if you a sensitive to strong odors. 1. Cost


These model 3 all weather mats are super easy to install, you just pop them into your Tesla Model 3. They are very easy to clean and are very absorbent so they will soak up spillages. They are constructed from high quality PVC which will resist water and is flame-retardant.

There is no cutting required to fit them and they provide maximum edge-to-edge coverage. You need have no concerns about the brake or accelerator function being affected.


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