Bosoner Mountain Bike Protective Gear Set

Which is the best mountain bike protection gear?

Kids Chest Protector Dirt Bike Motorcycle Protective Armor Youth Riding Biking Vest Jacket Motorbike Motocross Full Body Back Spine Armor Gear Guard Protection For Snowboarding Off-Road Cycling Skiing . Only 10 left in stock – order soon. . . . . .

What do you need to know about MTB protection?

Therefore, protectors must fit perfectly at all times. Only if the MTB protection fits tightly and remain in position reliably, will the padding elements protect your body. Elastic materials with hook-and-loop fasteners, siliconized anti-slip reinforcements, or neoprene cuffs guarantee secure fit.

What is the purpose of a bike protector?

The purpose of protectors is to absorb extreme shocks and protect your joints from irreparable damage. A robust protector constitutes the next protection level. There are several factors that determine whether a cycling protector will protect the respective body part reliably. It must not slip during a crash.

What kind of gear do mountain bikers wear?

Have a mountain biker, like one of our gear experts, walk you through what combination will work for your style of biking. Cross-country mountain bikers can stay safe without slowing down by selecting a single-track helmet, padded mountain biking shorts, and soft mountain biking pads for knees and elbows.


For a no-fuss set of protective pads that look cool and can stand up to low-level spills and thrills, then check out this bargain set from Bosoner. Just strap ‘em on and go out to play is the theme for these solid knee, elbow and wrist pads, in sizes for 3 – 15. We think these are more suited to the younger child as they wouldn’t necessarily stand up to the more extreme testing of an older teenager but for the under 10s, they are worth trying out.

The front MTB knee pad protectors and MTB shin guards are secured in place by two adjustable straps, which can work with bare legs or over pants, and the fabric is lightweight and ventilated. There’s EVA foam padding where you need it, and plastic protection plates for the knee cap and elbow joints. The wrist protectors are slip on mitt style, with plastic plates on the palm and inner wrist. Easy to wear, and easy to take off, Junior will be happy zipping on his bike down the sidewalk or in the park with these


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