Cocoweb Chrome C-Lock Trailer Hitch Lock

Where are the locks on a trailer hitch?

A: Sometimes known as trailer tongue locks, these are U-shaped locks, which can be placed over the coupler located on your trailer’s tongue. Unlike locking hitch pins, these locks are attached to your trailer when it’s decoupled from the towing vehicle, preventing potential thieves from hooking up their car and towing away your precious cargo.

What are the pin holes on a trailer coupler lock?

Hitch locks with an adapter sleeve enable use with different receiver sizes. Standard receiver pin holes are 1/2” or 5/8”. A 1/2” lock with a 5/8” sleeve equips the lock to fit various hitch classes. This type of trailer coupler lock has a pin with multiple segments, allowing the lock cylinder to be incrementally adjusted.

Why do you need a lock on a hitch coupler?

A locking hitch coupler keeps your trailer more secure than a pin and clip, which discourages theft of your cargo, drawbar, bicycle rack, or trailer. Some coupler locks can be keyed to your vehicle’s ignition key, eliminating the need to carry multiple keys.

What kind of hitch lock do I need for caravan?

Hitchlocks for caravans and trailers including locks for Alko stabiliser hitches. A visible theft deterrent a qulity hitchlock prevents your caravan from being hitched up and towed away.


First to make our list is Cocoweb’s heavy duty C-Lock hitch pin. The device locks straight into your trailer, keeping it secure, and is designed to work with all industry standard 5/8-inch hitch receivers.

The handy lock is weather resistant, thanks to a rubber cap that keeps water and dirt at bay. This prevents the lock from rusting, ensuring it can be safely and easily used for many years to come. No drilling or mounting is required to use the lock either; simply slide in the pin, lock it, and you’re all set. It’s extra secure thanks to the inclusion of a barbell locking mechanism, which offers a snug and secure fit.


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