Sunlite Light Off Basket for Bikes


The Sunlite Light-Off Basket is a removable bike basket unit ideal for all kinds of bikes. It features a powder-coated steel construction which enhances its functionality and durability. This unit also has a mesh bottom to hold onto all your items, no matter their size. There’s no basket better than this concerning hold and stability. Many users of the Sunlite battery suggest it being used to carry smaller items. The ability to remove the basket from your bike makes it a semi-permanent basket option, which is excellent for those who love to change bikes often.

If you’re going for a picnic, a market day or a simple trip to school, you can make use of the Sunlite bike basket to carry any item you need. Once installed, this basket can carry weights of up to 30 pounds without any problems. Concerning economics, the Sunlite basket is very affordable, and it works great for such a low price. This bike basket works excellent, and we will recommend it to everyone who isn’t in search of a permanent carrying option. It comes in different colors to appeal to everybody.


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