Duck Brand Max Strength Duct Tape

How much weight can duck Max duct tape hold?

Duck Max Strength has a material strength of 62 pounds, so a doubled-up piece should be able to hold upwards of 120 pounds (and a tripled piece 180 pounds). That’s a lot of weight, and we feel that that’s more than enough for what people generally do with duct tape.

Which is the best brand of duct tape?

Spring Clean Like a Pro Using EasyLiner® Brand Shelf Liners by Duck® Brand. Follow these simple steps from Oh Happy Day to create a modern geometric planter with Duck Tape®.

What can you do with Duck duct tape?

Because of its strength and adhesive properties, you can use Colored Duck Tape for almost any job, including everyday household and auto repairs–anywhere a flexible and weather-proof bond is needed. Colored Duck Tape is great for coordinating materials, color-coding and identification, craft applications, and more.

How big is a roll of Duck Tape?

This heavy duty tape is cotton mesh reinforced, but still easy to tear! Duck Tape conforms to both smooth and uneven surfaces, and can be used on materials such as cloth, vinyl, leather and plastic – even metal and laminates. Each roll contains 1.88 inches x 20 yards of Cookie Dough beige tape.


Duck Brand Max Strength Duct Tape provides maximum strength, adhesion, and flexibility. It has a high tensile and tear strength and tears with superb conformity. The adhesive is natural rubber based, and the polyethylene backing is pliable and weather resistant. The tape is designed for industrial and heavy-duty applications and is suitable for use both indoor and outdoors.


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