Hydro Turf Oil Extractor 6 Liter

How does a Hydro Turf oil extractor work?

Hold the pump tightly at its junction to the container and start pumping LEASURELY. The vacuum will be created in due time after say 15 to 20 pumps and oil will appear in the extraction tubing. Need to understand here that the viscosity of your oil AND its condition, will affect the extraction speed.

Which is the best oil extractor on the market?

The Best Oil Extractor 1 1 Mityvac Oil Extractor. … 2 2 Oemtools Manual Oil Extractor. … 3 4 Hydro Turf Oil Extractor 6 Liter. … 4 6 Mityvac Oil Removal Pump. … 5 8 OTC Oil Extractor Gun. … 6 9 Cisno Electric Fluid Evacuator. … 7 10 Jabsco Engine Fluid Evacuator. …

How big of a reservoir does an oil extractor need?

With a 1.4 gallon fluid reservoir, this unit can take on a range of small to large scale jobs. It doesn’t just take out engine oil, but will also extract transmission fluids, lubricating oils, power steering oils, gear oil and coolants.

Where can I get easy care hydroturf spray?

Easy Care Hydroturf provides quality spray on lawns for large and small areas, from residential backyards to commercial ventures such as the National Museum of Australia and Canberra Airport.


The ages where people and mechanics snuck under the car to drain out oil might as well be declared over. The age of safe, neat and reliable units such as the Hydro-Turf Oil Extractor 6-litre OIL01 have definitely taken over. This hasn’t just made the process a lot easier but much quicker too. If you don’t mind a little work out, pop open the bonnet and let the Hydro-Turf do it’s magic. With a good number of strokes, the pump will create a vacuum that triggers suction. This suction is spill and mess proof delivering up to 6 litres of oil into the durable and sturdy reservoir. It doesn’t matter the motor that needs to be worked on, from snowmobiles, boats, cars, motorbikes, ATV’s to personal watercrafts, this oil removal pump will work wonders. As long as the oil is properly warmed up, this functional unit will have the oil drained in no time.

The great thing about using the Hydro-Turf is you don’t even have to be there the whole time; after starting a good suction, have a nice beverage and come back to a drained oil pan. After sucking out all the bad oil, there’s a pour spout available to aid in neatly emptying the container of its contents. It doesn’t take time to get the job done, in a maximum of 20 minutes all the oil should have been removed. After which the pump can be detached for better storage to be used when next it’s needed. If you can dedicate the little time at the beginning to pump up the pressure, this unit will definitely get the job done.


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