Suburban Electronic Ignition Ducted Furnace

Is there a manual for igniting a suburban furnace?

THIS IS NEW BOARD THAT ACTED SAME AS OLD ONE. 6) I tested continuity from HV wire end to igniter tip and it was good with no breaks as wire was flexed around. 7) YES I have a manual but its troubleshooting isn’t much help other then needs a new board.

Is the suburban nt-30sp electronic ignition ducted?

This furnace has vents and openings, but the case is welded together. The item was shipped using packing peanuts, that migrated inside. I picked them out, vacuumed, turned it every direction and did not get all out after 45 minutes. It took 3 hours for the smell of burning styrofoam to stop.

What kind of furnace does a suburban RV use?

Steel gas manifolds sealed forced – draft combustion, vent assemblies, and chrome vent caps are provided along with the Suburban RV furnaces for easy installation.

Which is tune up kit for suburban furnace?

The Suburban Furnace Model SF-30F Tune-Up Kit comes in two variations. The first (Kit #1) has the old style burner access gasket which makes kit #1 applicable to the SF-30F between serial numbers 934701426 and 094101431, the second (Kit #2) has the new style burner access gasket which is applicable to the SF-30F above serial number 094101431.


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