Bosch GLM 35

What are the dimensions of a Bosch GLM 40?

The dimensions for the GLM 40 are 4.13 x 2 x .9. The GLM 50 is 7.3 x 7.8 x 2.2 inches. The Bosch GLM 40 features six (6) different modes to use. These modes are: area, distance, length, volume, continuous measurement and addition / subtraction.

What are the functions of the Bosch GLM 50 C?

The Bosch GLM 50 C packs a lot of functions, including the basics of real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect. All-around soft grip protection on the GLM 50 C helps the device last longer by protecting it from damage.

How many cordless tools can one Bosch 18v battery fit?

Gain ultimate flexibility with the 18V Power for ALL battery system: one battery fits into all tools of the 18V range*. This offers you the use of more than 30 cordless tools in the area of DIY, Household and Garden with simply one battery and saves you money.

Is the Bosch measuring Master app free to download?

With the Bosch Measuring Master app, you can optimise your workflows, simplify processes and avoid transfer errors. You will have an overview of all your projects and will benefit from being able to exchange information with your colleagues quickly. Download the Measuring Master app free of charge now.


If you want a reliable laser distance measurer that gives the most accurate measurements possible but don’t want to spend a fortune on such a device, the Boshc GLM 35 is the laser meter for you. With precise long-range measuring and simple, user-friendly design, this is the best laser measure on a budget.

The GLM 35 model boasts several useful functions, including area, distance, length, volume, and continuous measurement. There is also an addition/subtraction function which is always welcome. As for how long this compact little laser measuring tool can go, excellent accuracy is ensured up to 120 feet. Speaking of, you can expect the tool to consistently measure to 1/16 of an inch, which is pretty amazing for a low-cost laser tool. Operating the tool is a piece of cake as only one button activates the laser. It also helps the display is backlit,  allowing the user to read it even in dark rooms.

The Bosch laser measure comes with 2 AAA batteries and since it’s so compact it can easily be carried in a pocket. Perfect for both professionals and DIYers!


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