X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

How does the X Chock Wheel Stabilizer work?

This is a modal window. The X-Chock starts off where the Deluxe Tire Locking Chock left off, but it’s new, slimmer design will fit into more axle applications. Fits between tandem tires, it locks wheels by applying force to both tires.

Can a X-Chock be used as a replacement for a wheel chock?

The X-Chock works as advertised, but they CAN NOT be used as a replacement for wheel chocks. BAL includes a notice that using them while jacking the trailer or raising/lowering the tongue jack will VOID the warranty. These can only be used AFTER the trailer is leveled and MUST BE REMOVED before getting ready to hitch-up.

How to use wheel chocks to stabilize RV?

1 Level Your RV Before using x chocks to stabilize a vehicle, you must first ensure that your vehicle is level. This will require standard wheel chocks and levelers. … 2 Place the X Chocks and Tighten Place the x chocks between closely-spaced tires. … 3 Reverse Direction to Free Your Wheels

How does the Bal X-Chock tire locking Chock work?

In this article, we will be reviewing the X-Chock Tire Locking Chocks. The BAL X-Chock provides stability and prevents tire shift by working with the tire’s natural movement. The tire locking chocks apply opposing force to tandem applications and prevent any movement when parked.


This product is specifically designed for travel trailers. The wheel chocks are manufactured to complement the tire’s natural movement as opposed to working against them. This essentially offers the average traveling family a stable foundation to rest their RV on.

What’s more, this product is durable thanks to its rust-inhibitive coating and sturdy design. Its resounding flexibility is maintained by its ability to fit tire spacing applications of only 1-3/8 inches while possessing the capability to enlarge to up to 12 inches. If you desire a product that works with you rather than against you, this is a great option.


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