Solera Black RV Slide Topper Awning

Can a solera slide topper be used on an awning?

Solera Slide Toppers are the perfect addition to any RV with featuring a slide-out. Economical, attractive and compatible with Solera and other leading awning brands, the Slide Topper automatically extends and retracts right along with your slide-out.

Which is the best slide out cover for an awning?

1. Lippert RV Solera Awning Black Slider 2. Carefree SideOut Kover III Awning 3. Lippert RV Solera Awning White Slider 4. Carefree Cut-to-Fit Slide Out Awning Fabric 5. SunWave Slide Out Cover Fabric 6. Carefree SideOut Kover II RV Slide Topper 7. Innova Trim to Fit Slideout Cover 8. Carefree RV Slideout Cover 1.

How does the solera slider work in a RV?

The Solera Sliders attaches to both the slide room and the outside wall of the RV, creating a complete seal around the entire slide room. Dust, smoke, leaves, bugs and debris are blocked by the sleeve even when the slide room is retracted back into the RV.

How big is a Lippert Solera slider box?

Extend up to Extend up to 48”—that’s 8” more than competing brands! Measure slide room on the outside front of box, including flange and select the size that extends a minimum of 5" beyond total box width. WARNING: Cancer For more information, go to .


Our first option is available in a huge array of sizes, so that this RV slide out awning from Solera fits every campervan slider from 5 to 16 feet. Made with a touch of extra fabric to cover your entire slide box, with a little room to space on each side, this topper awning is perfect for those who are looking for a very specific camper awning. It comes with everything you need to get your new campervan kitted out, and this high-quality piece extends over eight inches longer than their nearest competitor.

The hole pattern is universal and designed to fit almost all types and sizes of campervan. This, along with the full set of accessories, means you won’t have to worry about buying an awning that won’t fit your slider. A great choice for anyone looking for additional space.


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