Frogg Toggs All Sport Rain Suit

Is the Frogg Toggs rain and wind suit waterproof?

The frogg toggs® All Sport Rain and Wind Suit is a blend of classic frogg toggs® non-woven materials that provides great waterproof and breathable performance at a terrific value. The classic 50 non-woven jacket and the classic 30 non-woven pant is guaranteed waterproof and great fitting.

What kind of clothes do Frogg Toggs wear?

Find an impressive variety of frogg toggs® boots, rain suits, jackets, pants and more. If you’re looking for high performance rain gear to help keep you dry and protected, turn to the frogg toggs® collection of outerwear, boots and more.

When did Frogg Toggs start making rain gear?

Breathable, Affordable, Lightweight. In 1996, frogg toggs® was founded with a single purpose and mission — to keep you comfortable during your outdoor pursuits. What began as a single waterproof jacket style in one fabric has evolved into 17 waterproof fabric groups in over 50 styles of rain gear, as well as multiple footwear styles,…

Is the inside of a Frogg Toggs breathable?

Are Frogg Toggs breathable? Well, as much as any rain jacket is breathable. The inside is made of a “blend of exclusive nonwoven fabrics designed to promote breathability.” What this means in reality is that the jacket breathes as poorly as most other jackets on the market, but the soft fabric interior doesn’t leave you feeling clammy.


Our top offering is designed for any active sport, not just motorcycle riding. This lightweight, wind-resistant, and waterproof outfit is one of the top motorcycle rain suits available. The three layers of non-woven fabric allow you to get into as much mud, mess, and fun as you like. With multiple adjustable areas to help you keep a comfortable, yet mud-resistant fit, you’ll be comfortable and dry on your rides.

These motorcycle rain suits also come in multiple sizes to help you choose the best fit as well as different designs, so you can choose brighter, more reflective clothes or keep a more camouflaged look if you prefer.

Users love how this rain suit for motorcycle riders can easily and comfortably fit over clothes an is waterproof and wind-resistant. They also like the lightweight aspect of this suit. You can easily stick these in storage and take them with you on a day out without being weighed down by unnecessary baggage. It’s perfect for full-day trips or longer when you aren’t sure of the weather ahead.


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