Air Power America Topsider Multi Purpose Oil Extractor

How does the Topsider oil pump system work?

The Topsider’s reliability and convenience has long been trusted by boaters for easy, no-mess oil changes, and other marine and automotive maintenance applications. With no electricity required for operation, the Topsider multi-purpose vacuum pump-out system uses a vacuum to pull oil out of your crankcase.

How much oil does a Topsider oil extractor take?

So easy to use, it simply requires a few simple strokes of the pump to create a vacuum that sucks up to 1.5 gallons (6 L) of oil into the central container. Oil changes will become so much simpler with this oil extractor by your side. So easy to use, it simply requires a few simple strokes of t… .

What kind of fluid extractor does airpower use?

Airpower America’s fluid extractor is completely vacuum powered and it doesn’t require electricity to run. The reservoir features a larger eight quart capacity, and it has a 12-inch base for a stable and durable option. It’s short design makes it very portable and easy to use.

What makes the Topsider the best oil changer?

The Topsider makes it quick and easy to change your boat’s oil, with no electricity or power source needed. The heavy-duty steel holding tank and steel pump with durable leather piston means a long service life of fast oil changes, and used oil and other liquids store safely for proper disposal.


Once the fluid in an engine turns black, the safest thing to do is drain it completely, clean out the filter and replace with new oil. Not doing so could cause unnecessary engine malfunctions and under-performance. It can get a bit tasking thinking about getting under the car and draining out the oil. That is why the Air Power America 5060TS Topsider Multi-Purpose Fluid Removing System takes care of all that.

No matter where you are, this unit will adequately help change out bad oil using a vacuum. This method doesn’t require electricity to run, making it a hands-on equipment that will cover you any day, anytime. Its portable form makes it quite easy to carry around in case of any emergencies. It can also fit into small and confined spaces and still perform its functions optimally.  And with a wide, 12 inch diameter base, the unit is able to balance sturdily on the floor to avoid any messy spills. The 8 quart reservoir serves as the container the liquid/oil is pumped into and is undisputedly a better storage tub for old oil that can be disposed of later. This oil extractor pump can be used for marine motors, boat engines and automotive applications. Trusted and recommended by most boaters, this fluid extractor will have any engine cleaned out within 10 quick minutes.


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