Shop Fox D4082 Cross Slide Drill Press Vise

Which is the best drill press cross sliding vise?

This vise features an exclusive slide bar to prevent jaws from tilting up or sideways when tightening. Adjustable gibs take up any slack on both top and bottom slides. Use this vise on your drill press for cutting keyways and doing light milling jobs.

How big is the X-Y cross slide vise?

Precise X-Y Cross Slide Vise For Drill Press Item Number Jaw Width: Jaw Depth: Cross Travel: Longitudinal Travel: CSV-300 3" 1-1/8" 3" 5" CSV-400 4" 1-7/16" 4" 6" CSV-500 6" 1-11/16" 6" 8"

How much does a cross slide drill press cost?

Cross Slide Drill Press Vise. MSC #: 63496145. Your Price: $781.32. Drill press vises with a horizontal orientation are ground on the base only, for horizontal workholding. Cross slide drill press vises allow for precise workpiece positioning by X and Y-axis travel (left/right and forward/back) motion.

How big is the Klutch cross slide vise?

Features + Benefits Material Cast iron Jaw Length (in.) 4 Base L x W (in.) 9 1/4 x 5 1/2 Overall Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 11 1/4 x 10 1/4 x 5 1/4


The Shop Fox D4082 4-inch Cross-Sliding Vise is another brilliant X-Y vise that can be used for light milling operations and with its strong and durable build you can be assured that this mechanised cross slide vise will not be subjected to easy damages any time soon, it weighs a whopping 22 pounds which may be a bit heavy for some but it gets the job done. It will not be a bother once you install it securely and notice how easy and less strenuous it is to carry out your drilling and some milling operations without the exerted pressure overly getting to you. The jaw volume measures about 4 inches in width and has the capacity of 4-inches which is quite advantageous as it will be able to take on larger metal, wood and other solid workpieces between its sturdy jaws which clinch tightly to workpiece between their teeth allowing for an accurate and precise drilling or milling operation.

The Shop Fox vise features an exceptional quality as it includes a unique slide bar that effectively stops the vise jaws from bolting up or sideways when you are tightening it and you can also conveniently change the gibs to prevent any slack on both the top and the bottom of the vise. The top slide travel is 4 inches while the bottom slide travel is 4 inches too, enabling accurately aligned jaw faces to ensure proper and concise movements for any light milling work you may want to carry out. Overall, the shop fox vise is great for all types of drilling work that also includes cutting keyways.


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