Badass Motogear Motorcycle Travel Backpack

Who are the people that make badass Moto?

Badass Motogear is run by people who are passionate about motorsports, especially motorcycles. We live, breathe, and dream motorsports all the time and develop products that make our passion easier, more practical, and even more fun. LIVE, RIDE, ENJOY!

Why are sissy bar bags good for a motorcycle?

For instance, the locking mechanism and key system found in a lot of saddlebags, trunk bags and sissy bar bags helps prevent theft from becoming a reality when away from the bike. Keep your goods locked away and safe from prying eyes when you’re not around.

What makes a good backpack for a motorcycle?

For your safety, the rucksack has a reflective logo plus safety piping at the back to alert motorists or other motorcyclists in low light conditions. And for a snug fit, the bag has adjustable straps to fit any size. The hip belts are removable, and the bolstered back foam provided air ventilation.

What can you put in a handlebar bag on a motorcycle?

To get even more storage on your cruiser, you can add a handlebar bag. Handlebar bags are perfect for keeping your gear close at hand. Gear like gloves, electronic devices and maps can be reached easily so you don’t have to dig through your luggage at a stop.


The Motorcycle Travel Backpack with Helmet Holder by Badass Motogear is a lightweight bag that is designed for riders but is also ideal for camping and trekking. The durable bag comes complete with adjustable straps, reflective piping, and a detachable mesh bag that is large enough to hold a full-face helmet. It also contains a padded laptop sleeve, multiple small exterior zippered pockets, and a large vented accessory compartment.


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