Rain-X Glass Treatment

What does Rain X do to your windshield?

If you’ve never heard of or used Rain-X before, it’s a product designed to be applied to the outside of your car’s windshield – it causes water to bead and run off the windshield quickly. I figured it’d be worth a try on the shower glass to see if it helped get rid of some of those pesky water droplets left behind after every shower!

Is it safe to use Rain X on glass shower doors?

Note – The Rain-X website FAQ page does say that Rain-X is safe to use on glass shower doors. I wouldn’t let pets or children around while you’re applying it or let them lick the glass or anything, but beyond that it seems just like using any other household cleaner. Voila!

What kind of glass treatment do jet fighters use?

Use the glass treatment that jet fighters use on their windshields without wiper blades! Aquapel is a patented product from the leaders in glass technology – PPG. This product applies to the windshield to dramatically increase visibility in rain day or night.


Whilst many – in fact most – windshield washers are designed to go into the washer fluid reservoir and be sprayed onto the screen, this is not the case with the first item on out list. If anyone is in a good place to make a more unique product it is certainly Rain-X however, who have been producing windshield liquids for over 40 years.

This product is quite like a wax, but for glass. So it is applied directly to the windshield where it is worked in with a clean sponge or microfiber towel – and a bit of elbow grease, supplied by you. Once in place it effectively forms a protective barrier, the most notable feature of which is that it causes water to “bead” on the windshield surface. This makes rainwater run off the windshield very easily, improving your vision in the rain.



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