Shimano BR-CT91 Cantilever Brake Shoe Set


We acknowledge one of the globally accepted and admired brands in the biking and engineering industry, Shimano. Over the years, this brand has made it its sole aim to develop products meant to make life better in a myriad of ways. They have come together as a unit with their skills and expertise to provide every customer with an excellent product which meets their needs, and for bikers, one of such items is their Shimano BR-CT91 Brake Shoe Set.

This bicycle brake pads set comes in a pair of two units. It has been constructed with premium materials which work together to provide you with the durability and comfort you require. This cantilever-brake shoe set features a spring tension adjuster who is known to make braking easier and smoother, with each pad being constructed as a side mount brake pad system for easy installment and replacement if the need be. There’s no better brake pad than the one from Shimano and the countless reviews online from loyal customers can attest to this. We are confident that every biking experience with us will be worth your while.


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