Vision Jinx Mini Reissue Skateboard Deck

Is there a vision limited edition skate deck?

US Bombs Vision Limited Edition Skate deck Duane Peters 2006ish. Brand New!! Only 1 left!

Where can I find Jinx and Minx games?

Jinx And Minx Make A Scene: On A Desert Island 12345 Jinx And Minx Make A Scene: At The Circus 12345 Jinx And Minx Jinx And Minx: At The Restaurant 12345 Jinx And Minx Decorate The Candy Store 12345 Jinx And Minx Jinx & Minx Spot The Difference 12345 Jinx And Minx Christmas Adventure 12345 Jinx And Minx Black Friday Games

What kind of skateboards do Vision Skateboards have?

We feature the largest selection of Vision Skateboards — legendary decks like the Psycho Stick, Gator, MG, Jinx, Aggressor, Punkskull… We offer the original shapes as well updated versions of these classics.

How is the best Jinx pro builds Jinx?

See how the best Jinx pro builds Jinx. For each champ, we prioritize pros by: popularity, performance, and regional skill. Items are already sorted by build order. VS. VS. VS. VS. VS.


The Vision Jinx Mini Reissue Skateboard Deck was made to exactly replicate the original designs of the Vision classic skateboards, but with this reissue skateboard deck, you would not need to spend a ridiculous amount of money to acquire it because while this looks like the original and is being produced by the same company that manufactured the originals, these ones are very much affordable.

Take it back old skool with the design on this deck. It features the well known vision design that is sure to attract attention from both new and old skaters alike. These board decks have even been slightly changed to include new era hole patterns that would fit standard trucks, and it comes with a low concave structure that makes this board great for performing showy tricks as well as board walking.


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