Lockstraps Helmet Locking Carabiner

Is there a way to lock a carabiner?

From climbing to camping to fishing, the carabiners found above will hold and connect securely, no matter the outdoor activity. Choose from a variety of sizes and screw lock, HMS or key lock. Not all locking carabiners are made equally.

What kind of lock do I need for my helmet?

HelmetLok is a Carabiner-style lock, with a 4 digit programmable locking mechanism, designed to lock your helmet to your bike, while compact enough to fit in your pocket or on your belt loop

Which is the best locking carabiner for rock climbing?

Our favorite lightweight locking carabiner was the Mad Rock Super Tech which edged ahead of the other two super light carabiners: the Wild Country Ascent HMS and the Trango SuperFly Screwlock. Which was the lightest? It’s hard to say because the manufacturer weight listings were a little different than our own measurements.

Do you need a helmetlok T bar extension?

Includes the Helmetlok T Bar Extension for helmets utilizing a quick release style buckle, or when you need an extension for a D ring helmet, helping you enjoy the security and freedom of Helmetlok In Stock. FREE Shipping. Details In Stock.


This is another simpler style of helmet lock, though this one has been designed to be extra strong and tough. To do this, it makes use of a very tough, all metal construction.

At the same time, it is nice and small, weighing in at only 12 ounces. What you are basically looking at here is a budget version of the HelmetLock 4101 we looked at above. Small, portable, strong and tough. Just as with the 4101, you can happily slip it into a bag or pocket for easy transport.


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