CyclingDeal Aluminum Cycle Pro Bike Work Stand

Where can I buy a bicycle work stand?

There are hundreds of stands to choose from, including those from leading brands such as Park Tool and Draper as well as unbranded bicycle work stands. There are a number of work stands to pick from. Most of them hold the bike with a vice-like clamp.

What makes a good bikehand pro repair stand?

Bikehand Pro Repair Stand includes a tool rack and folds up compactly. One nice feature that the other stands didn’t have was a tray that mounts on the bike stand for holding tools and bike parts. This is a nice touch, makes it easy to keep track of those easy to lose screws.

Which is the best bike repair stand for carbon frames?

To me this is what makes the Sprint an excellent option for working on your bike. The Feedback Sports bike repair stand is the best bike repair stand for carbon frames and made to last. The anodized aluminum will not rust or corrode and the wide base tripod design is stable.

Which is the best bike stand to buy?

The best everyday bicycle work stand: Pedros Folding Repair Stand Down the end of this list, you’ll find Park Tool’s lovely PCS10.2 stand. However, you currently can’t find one of these for love nor money.


Another ultra-lightweight bike repair stand is this Aluminum Cycle Pro Bicycle Repair Stand from CyclingDeal, which weighs in at just 11lbs. It also folds down to a super-compact size that makes it easy to transport and store. Despite its light build, it’s packed full of great features, including a quick release adjustable height (maximum 59”), and a magnetic tool plate, to make it easier for you to carry out repairs.

Multiple reviews state that this bike stand is small but very stable, with legs that place the center of gravity underneath the bike when suspended. Also praised are the padded jaws, which don’t mark your bike, the 360-degree rotating head, and the high quality paint finish. Less positive comments include problems with the quick releases, and the discs that stop your bike rotating in the stand.


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