Roadpro Heated Travel Blanket

Can a heated blanket keep you warm on a long road trip?

No temperature control or shutoff feature, so it can sometimes get too hot. Using automatic temperature control, this heated fleece can keep you warm on long road trips. Made with soft and durable polyester material that can retain heat. Heats up in less than 15 minutes. Comes with a 7-foot-long cord, allowing the blanket to reach the back seats.

Which is the best heated blanket for camping?

All in all though the Maxsa Innovation Comfy Cruise is a well made heated blanket perfect for daytime use or getting to sleep. The Camco heated outdoor blanket is a polar fleece electric blanket. It uses a 12 V DC cigarette outlet style plug and measures 59” x 43”. That’s large enough for one to two adults or several smaller kids.

What do you need to know about roadpro?

RoadPro products bring you comfort, convenience, entertainment and safety while you are traveling away from home, including devices to charge or power electronics, personal audio accessories, lighting, mobile office supplies, 12-volt appliances, outdoor apparel, CB speakers, microphones, antennas, tools and hardware, luggage, bedding and more.

How does a heated blanket work in a car?

Plugs directly into a 12V socket. LED light on plug indicates when blanket is on or off. The 8-foot cord allows blanket to reach the back seats. Comes with a convenient carrier bag. Does not have an automatic shutoff timer, so can drain car battery if left on while sleeping.


This snuggly navy electric blanket is made from a polar fleece fabric that is guaranteed to keep you cozy and warm. You can use it without power or you can plug it into a 12-volt socket (or cigarette lighter) where it will draw 4.6 amps (55 watts) and provide a gentle and constant heat. The LED light on the plug indicates that current is flowing.

It’s big enough to cover you completely but will fold neatly away into the provided storage bag with a zipper when it is not in use. The power cord has plenty of length (eight feet) to reach anywhere inside your vehicle.


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