Lebrasinc 2 piece Front End Cover Black

Can a Lebra front end cover be replaced?

LeBra will, repair or replace any LeBra Front End Cover which it finds to be defective in material or workmanship at no charge and return it to you postage paid. LeBra Car Bras – Solid black vinyl custom car bras are the ultimate in style and full front end protection for vehicles.

What kind of cover does a Lebra bra use?

Solid black in color, made of leather grain vinyl, allows for optional front plate if needed, and all original cut outs for factory fog lights, head lights etc. Mesh screen over grill area, allows hood to open, perfect custom fit full front end cover mask. * LeBra car bra images do not reflect your exact vehicle.

Which is best Colgan or Lebra front end protectors?

Colgan is available in Full 1-piece or 2-piece bras, Sport hood protectors, and even T-style Hood protectors. Why are Lebra Front End Covers the Most Popular Vehicle Mask? Most daily drivers prefer Lebra Masks as you get the custom-fit all-weather protection your vehicle needs at a great price.

What kind of hood protector is Lebra made of?

Custom Black Hood Protector by LeBra®. Keep your vehicle’s front end in pristine condition. This hood protector is made of durable leather grain vinyl to shield the paint job from scratches and road debris. In addition, it will add a… The LeBra brand traces its roots to Global Accessories]


Unlike some of the other car bras that we have discussed, this one comes in two pieces to protect above and below the bumper. This allows you still to open up the bumper without having to go through the effort of removing it.

As well as covering up all the painted front-end parts of your vehicle, it also makes allowances for any other factory design features around the car, such as pop-up headlights. It is specially designed to deal with a wide range of weather conditions.


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