Design Engineering Heater Hotter Performance Radiator Additive

How to design a hot water heating system?

The design of a hot water heating system may follow the procedure as indicated below: Calculate the heat loss from the rooms Calculate the boiler output Select heater units Select type, size and duty of circulation pump Make pipe scheme and calculate pipe sizes Calculate expansion tank Calculate …

How does a hydronic hot water radiator work?

Learn about the workings of a hot water radiator. Hydronic heat is one of the most effective ways to warm a building. It is highly controllable, silent and maintains a much steadier ambient temperature than central air systems. Hot water enters the radiator through a control valve and exits through a lockshield.

What kind of radiation heater does Modine use?

Our cabinet unit heater, convector, and fin tube products are available in a number of sizes and colors to match the décor and requirements of your space. Fin tube radiation heaters from Modine are designed with a variety of enclosure styles to meet most any application or architectural style.

What’s the best radiator coolant additive to cool better?

So if you keep the liquid from boiling and becoming steam, you can make better use of the liquid you have. Most antifreeze/coolants do the same thing. Neither will do much for cooling if your cooling system is isn’t up to par. Of all the coolant additives, for most of us a crossion inhibitor is probably the most important.


There’s nothing worse than looking at your totally rusted radiator system and wishing you’d cleaned it more often. Thankfully, Motor Medic are here to save the day with their 10 Minute Radiator Flush. While removing all grease and scum, any rust and scaling which may damage your vehicle in the long run will also be abolished. This product contains no acids and is likewise compatible with all cooling systems.

Does this process all sound ideal, yet you’re worried that you won’t have time to fit into your packed schedule? The entire flushing process only takes ten minutes – an ideal amount of time to fit into the working week. It’s not a surprise that for the last 75 years, Motor Medic have been consistently attending towards our motorist needs when releasing products committed towards maintaining our vehicles such as their flush.


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