Outdoor Research Men’s Alti Mitts

Do you need Outdoor Research Alti mitt for winter?

If you’re looking to climb to the tops of the world’s tallest mountains, the Outdoor Research Alti Mitt has you covered. Even if you’re not that extreme and you simply need a solid mitt that will keep your hands happy and warm this winter, it’s a great option!

What makes Alti Mitten better than the rest?

The key feature that makes this mitten better then the rest is the double mitten construction that features insulation in both pieces. The outer shell is constructed of weatherproof Gore-Tex, protecting from both wet and dry days in the winter.

What kind of shell does the Alti Mitt use?

Weather protection is bomber with the Alti Mitt. With a shell constructed of a 2.5 layer, Gore-Tex shell with a 100% nylon 40-Denier ripstop material, you can assume wonderful wind and water protection. During our dunk test, water didn’t permeate through any seams, and the leather palm stayed completely dry.

Is the release pull on Alti Mitt removable?

There is also a simple release mechanism if you need to vent moisture and heat. The cinch and release pulls are large enough to be operated easily, even with the Alti Mitt’s less dexterous design. The removable leashes are tied to the interior of the mitten and can be removed if you’re not a fan of them.


Are you planning for a fun afternoon out on your snowmobile – or are you buying up supplies for a trek to the North Pole? Either way, it doesn’t matter because these snowmobile mittens from Outdoor Research have you covered. Literally.

These mittens are built for arctic exploration and wandering over 8,000 meter elevation mountain peaks. We weren’t joking around with out intro above, huh? What that means is a set of mittens with phenomenal protective powers against just about anything the weather can throw at you. The outer construction is incredibly tough GORE-TEX, which is both wind and waterproof. There are two types of liner inside – Moonlite Pile Fleece on and around the palm, with PrimaLoft Gold Insulation elsewhere. All the lining is, by the way, easy to remove for cleaning purposes.

The construction is crazy tough too. Kevlar – yes that’s right, bullet proof Kevlar – is used for stitching in the palm sections for increased strength whilst all seams are taped to increase the waterproofing. They are very easy to pull on with the built in handles, whilst the toggle equipped closures are designed to create a close seal.

This is not a cheap mitten, though given the list of features that shouldn’t be too surprising! But if you’re looking for long lasting, serious high quality snowmobile gear that can stand up to the worst the winter can throw at them you should certainly check these bad boys out.

They are undoubtedly one of the best winter gloves for extreme cold.


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