Addmotor HITHOT Electric Bicycle

Is the addmotor hithot a full suspension bike?

The Addmotor HITHOT is anything but a gimmick. This is a true full-suspension mountain bike that can easily handle tough singletrack and moderate downhill paths with the ease of other rugged, high-level mountain bikes.

Is the hithot a good electric mountain bike?

This makes the HITHOT both a great mountain bike on its own, and an excellent best affordable e-bike as well. Use both those together, and you have a superior electric mountain bike. The motor is very seamless, and the freewheel setup lets it toggle on and off with ease.

What kind of alloy is a hithot mountain bike made of?

The HITHOT’s frame is made from aluminum alloy, helping to keep the weight to a manageable 52 lbs. There is a bit of flex with the frame as well, adding to its plush suspension and overall design. The bike’s WTB Comfort Saddle is decent, providing good seat coverage and a sleek design that is definitely more in tune with trail riding.

Can a downhill bike be turned into an electric bike?

Downhill bikes are built to handle extreme terrain and thus make great high speed electric bicycles. A used downhill bike will still be high quality, but won’t have the same high price tag. A quick note about donor bikes: no bicycle brand will condone you turning their bike into an electric bicycle.


The NAKTO Fat Tire E-bike makes your bike riding experience enjoyable. Its pedal assist technology makes sure that you’re not doing all the work when you’re riding, and anti-skid bike tires ensure that you and your bike are always able to withstand difficult terrains. Its removable battery also gives you the convenience of charging the battery anywhere.


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