Amcrest GPS Tracker for Bikes


Amcrest is a brand seeking to increase the security and safety of vehicles and people around the world. To do this correctly, they have launched their Amcrest GPS Tracker, a technologically advanced unit with countless innovative features. This is a unit that is extremely portable in design. It can be attached to your kids, cars, elderly relatives, or spouses to provide you with live location statuses at all times in the day.

The Amcrest bicycle GPS tracker works hand in hand with any mobile device of your choice to keep you updated. It uses the geofencing feature that delivers real-time status on your asset. If there’s a change in location, you’re the first to find out. This GPS tracker updates the site of your assets every five seconds and can be monitored via their desktop page or mobile app, which is available on both iOS and Android. The device is a robust, durable system made with heavy-duty materials that  are also resistant to water. A single battery charge can last for up to 14 days, depending on how the unit is applied. Go to bed peacefully, knowing that your prized possessions are safe and sound.


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