Nelson-Rigg Deluxe Motorcycle Cover

What kind of cover does Nelson Rigg use?

With a snug elastic bottom and one-inch grommets at the center and front wheel, Nelson-Rigg designed the cover to fit precisely to protect your motorcycle, even in wet and windy conditions. Nelson-Rigg added a soft windshield liner to protect your windshield from scratching and hazing.

When did Nelson Rigg start making motorcycle accessories?

Nelson-Rigg USA, Inc. uses the latest technology, design and innovation in our awards winning accessories. We have been producing the very best motorcycle apparel, soft luggage and motorcycle covers since 1972.

Do you need a saddlebag rack with Nelson Rigg?

If you ride a Yamaha WR, Suzuki DRZ or other dual sport bikes, you can’t go wrong with a saddlebag that doesn’t require a saddlebag rack. For adventure riders, Nelson Rigg offers a variety of 100% waterproof luggage options that deliver ultimate protection against the elements.

Which is the best motorcycle cover to buy?

The highest quality motorcycle covers have been produced by Nelson Rigg for more than 30 years. Our covers range from the new extreme covers that are 100% waterproof with a lifetime warranty to simple dust cover. All of our motorcycle covers are universal fit and sized for all motorcycles.


Motorcyclists want a bike cover waterproof enough to withstand even the strongest downpours. This motorcycle cover from Nelson-Rigg manages to do that as well as provide protection against any UV damage.

It comes with a clever ventilation system so that no condensation builds up on the inside of your liner while you are away from your bike overnight. The cover also protects your bike’s windshield against scratching and hazing.

The free compression bag is a helpful accessory as it allows users to pack their motorcycle rain cover in no time.


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